The Great Balance

Observing the World and watching it change is easy. However, to understand the deeper meaning behind it takes time to step back and be able to see, the many levels that make it happen.

   The most important point I will point out is that as much as sounds ” Bitchy”. Here it is. In order for the World as a whole to heal Men need to be treated as Real Men.

As a Women I can say ” We tried the Male energy and it’s not working out so well” we have to balance both energies within ourselves equally. That goes for both genders. 

    Men want their Goddess back. It is beautiful not demeaning. As Women We are creators and a equal partnership can grow. This may surprise a lot of people reading this but ” Women affect Men on a Emotional Level” aware of it or not. On a grander scale if We had better friendships with each other as sisters, mothers, daughters, mother in laws, etc . Just maybe Men would stop killing each other.  

  It is all energetic and very real. We are the key to solving this problem. Sisters We are ruthless to eacother. Then We watch our other sisters deal with oppression and we sit still like hypocrites doing nothing!!!

      The Femine energy is anchoring itself into this Planet. If you are a sensitive, Psychic, artist, or creative in general you must be feeling something. Let Us Heal together. Allow Our Men to be Real Men. Peace can only be achieved if We choose to Awaken.


Til We Meet Again