Drinking Coffee

Just another day in the World observing everyday people going about their daily routine. I wonder ” Don’t they ever get bored”?

  Same thing constantly,No change  and to boot all the familiar places. Have you ever wanted more to your life than just a desk along with a computer ? Is that your true identity? Is this who you call yourself by your job description or is their more to you. 

  Do you even ever go there? Life is not I wake up go to my nine to five job and then I die. Scary thought!!!!

What about Joy, laughter, and knowing who you are. Exploring the inner depths of your own Soul is your own final frontier. Our Divinity is what we need to remember. 

Intellectual institutions help Us to develop critical and individual thinking. However, it dose not teach you about your Divinity. 

These are just little things to ponder on. Seven is the number of the true Schools that teach the ” Mysteries” of the self. Seek and you shall find. The Truth is out there.