Smoke and Mirrors

Look I know what I write about is totally lame. It is not politically correct or even what anyone expects. That’s not my job or problem. My voice and thoughts will not be held hostage to the political correctness to score points.

Telling it like it is is more fun. Smoke and Mirrors are for those who wish to deceive and lie. That is not in my DNA. Lying is the new trend. Honesty seems to be out of style? Why??? 

The return rate on Karma is at the going rate a millisecond compared to ten years ago; when it took a year or more to kick you in the ass. Words are powerful and some may think it foolish but it is a reality. 

We as a World are awakening. Yet living in a era of technology ” We Have No More Secrets”. It is all out there. So why expose yourself to the world. Let’s rethink this whole journey. 

We don’t talk to each other face to face and our youth are anti- social. They live inside and don’t know how to talk to eachother. Again begin correct has brought Us back into the cave. Our hunting and gathering takes place online. Then it is delivered to our doorstep.

Reality is not someone controlling and regulating your thoughts, actions, the food you eat, the car you drive, and who you associate with. Standing in your Power is thinking and Emoting for yourself. 

Ponder on this.