Have You Really Thought about…….

Impermanence. Nothing stays the same and always moves on to the next transition. Lately everyone is so fixated on either revenge or moving forward.

There is always a bigger picture that tends to be overlooked. We are so self absorbed. If you thought that You Were Never Born and You Never Die, Would you live your life differently?

There are no more secrets and did you know this is true. How do you treat others and do you live in Joy? It is actually beautiful to know this. It is not scary but joyful. 

Like the vastness of the Ocean which is our consciousness. Let Us not hurt eachother with nonsense. If we pollute the Sea we pollute our  minds. If you pollute the air you pollute your thoughts, if you pollute the earth you are not grounded, if you disrespect fire you turn ” Love ” into a word with no meaning. You suck the Passion out of the World.

So all of those actions just like words effect Us all. Wake Up!!! 

Nameste Til We Meet again 😊