Taking a Journey to No Where

Last night I awoke to the sound of a booming sound. It startled me out of my bed with such a jolt. Slowly I walked to my window to see what it was. Still no sign of it. What was that? Then I heard it again.

This time I was already downstairs and my dog Courage was with me. A strong German Shepard whom I raised from a puppy. His hears were pointed up and he was as silent as I was. However, he stayed in the same position without moving. Then Courage started to growl. 

The hours had passed and it was already morning. Courage did not move from his position. Steady like a arrow pointed in the direction of the booming sound.The sun was up so I got dressed and decided to see what was going on.

When I walked outside I was holding Courage by his leash and prepared to defend myself if possible. It turns out I wasn’t the only person out in the fields searching for a answer. 

My grandpa had this land for years. However, Our neighbors are close. Mind you this is a hot summer day in the middle of July. There it happened again.  

I saw a few of the my neighbors talking. So I joined them. One of them thought it was a alien invasion. Then another commented that maybe it was a government conspiracy or just a natural phenomenon. The speculation was off the charts. Someone even suggested that it may be  ” Mind Control”. 

  Six months passes and the booms continue. I decide to start investigating. I packed my keep and took Courage. We were off to see what was really going on. That night We ended up in the hills of the Rockies and camped out that night. 

The silence was peaceful. I had my fire burning cooking our dinner. All of a sudden Courage started to get jumpy. I felt like someone was watching Us. It turned out to be a National park Guard checking on Us. ” Miss are you ok” ? Yes I replied very thankful.

After our little visit I fell asleep. I awoke in my dream. I was greeted by a Native American Elder who spoke to me. He kept pointing to the East. 

Courage and I continued to head East. It was a decision that was not our choice but it had to be done. Just imagine if you were asked to walk away from everyone you love to help humanity grow. That is what this Native Hopi Elder asked me to do. Would You?

We continued forward and my Jeep broke down. It turns out we were near the Joshua tree. I locked up the Jeep and took what we needed. A wing and a prayer along with a large glass of Faith. 

It was dusk so I had to plan fast. Courage and I made a tent and slept soundly until morning. Then again We heard ” The Boom”. Were we getting closer? All of a sudden Courage is growling again under her breath. 

 I had my pistol in my boot ready to pull out. Then again this ” Medicine Woman named Sky introduced herself. She was beautiful. Her words to me were ” I’ve been waiting for you”. Stunned my mouth dropped. 

Next thing I know she sat me down and spoke to me about her ancient wisdom. She proceeded to take a walk with me. We were sitting in front of the Joshua tree. Not a single person was present. 

Again she had me close my eyes. I asked her name she said it was Joshua. Then I was in this peaceful place surrounded by a angelic presence. She then said ” I Welcome you into the sisterhood of White Light” You are the key to the answers. The Brotherhood of the White light also Welcomes you. 

I then awoke and Yes it was real. She smiled at me the next day back at my tent with Courage. She said ” Why do you seek what is already in You”? I had no answer. 

She bid me goodbye and before I could say Thank You, there was no sign of her. My Jeep started up like nothing happened. 

Well it’s been another whole month since the Joshua tree experience. We finally ended up in the Adirondacks. This time we stayed in a small town near lake Champlain. I’m a avid camper so I had everything I needed to keep us up and running. 

While on the lake we were hicking and eventually settled back down at our campsite. The camp fire was burning and it was dusk. All of a sudden I fell into a deep sleep. I awoke and found myself underwater breathing without a problem. Next to me was a Mermaid. Startled I stood still not sure if it was real or if I was dreaming. 

All of a sudden these beautiful bright lights and sounds like a orchestra started to play. The message I heard was ” You are The Key”.  Three hours later I woke up and it was ten o’ clock. I couldn’t tell the difference was it real or just my imagination. 

My heart told me it was real. So I am the key. That means you are the key also. The booms are helping people awaken. Maybe ? I will let you decide.