One blind eye One color blind eye

I’ve lived my life with one blind eye and one colored blind eye. Interesting yet a unique situation. It has given my world a view that is one that has enabled my judgement to be neutral.

Since I’m blind in one eye and can’t see color you appear to me as a heart and soul. Your appearance is irrelevant and it’s not what you look like but how you feel.

One day I was taking a coffee and chocolate tasting class. You see I can see through my color blind eye and do many things. I am not yet legally blind in my other eye. 

Well it came my turn to express my view of this exotic blend of coffee. It had notes of lavender along with a nutty blend of arabica coffee beans. All fair trade. Plus a hint of dark chocolate. The teacher was stunned. Coffee is harder to pinpoint than wine. 

 Living this way has taught me something about the World around Us. It has taught me that I am soul living in a human experience. What enriches this experience is that I don’t know what you look like. So I can “Love Unconditionally “. There are no barriers holding me back. It makes this a Spiritual experience that helps to show others that this is possible; wether you can see clear as day or not. It is a matter of Faith.My senses are heightened so I know when someone is uncomfortable. That is fine. 

Nothing is impossible.

Till We Meet Again